Water shortage in Pakistan in Urdu News

Water shortage in Pakistan in Urdu News:

Most of the people working in Pakistani media whose responsibility it is to report on the problems facing the Pakistani society in Urdu, to make their background in Urdu and to present its details in Urdu to the public, have fulfilled their responsibilities. They are unaware that they do not know that if these issues are brought to the notice of the people in a timely manner by making news in Urdu and presented to the rulers, it will help reduce the dangers of this future. We are providing Latest Urdu News 24/7.

If this responsibility is realized and research is started to raise the issue of water scarcity, not only the common people will be careful in the use of water but also the people in the government will understand the importance of this issue. And they will think that it is better for them to take timely action because if they do not do so, then there will be a severe shortage of water in the country and people will be thirsty for drinking water.

The situation of water availability in Pakistan’s big cities, small towns and villages and towns is very different, water is available in large quantities in most places in big cities and water pipelines have been laid to deliver it to homes. , From where fresh water is available to the citizens 24 hours a day for clean and large quantities, but the availability of water in towns is less than in cities.
Compared to big cities, water is available in small towns but it is not clean enough to be used without hesitation but it is not purified in such a way that it can be made drinkable but still no In the absence of the second option, citizens are forced to drink the same water, which not only causes diseases and increases the burden of patients in hospitals, but also increases the burden of medicine prices on the common man.

Such problems increase the difficulties in life, if these problems are solved in the beginning then the government feels comfortable moving forward because it does not have to bear the heavy burden on the hospitals and the unnecessary burden of public medicine. Are safe from, but the biggest responsibility for this lies with the Urdu news media to raise awareness among the people, UrduTok in this regard to raise public awareness and attention to the government. The series has started so that this social service can be done at the same time

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